Global business travel offers Avia courier delivery service between the UK and the EU, Russia and CIS countries.

We are group of couriers based in the UK arranging avia delivery to the EU, Russian and CIS cities just within several hours.


Our advantages: 


 Faster than any post services 

 Cheaper than other courier services 

 Secure and reliable delivery in hand luggage or suitcase 

 Exclusive goods delivery from Duty free 

 Our responsibility to deliver your goods on time, payment by company invoice (insurance cover by customer request)



Some goods are restricted and prohibited to be transported by air from and in the UK and we might be not able accept your order.

Air delivery takes less than 24 hours and land transportation from 3 days depends on final destination.

We accept the following goods for transportation: 

·         Documents (passports, birth certificates, contracts) and other documentation. 

·         Personal belongings (Clothes, souvenirs, jewellery, gifts) 

·         Painting artworks

·         Digital products (mobile phone, gadgets)

·         Pets (cats and dogs only) - avia delivery in the UK via Paris or Brussels.

·         Medicine (tablets and remedies which have no restrictions in the UK)


If you require to deliver other goods not listed above please contact our office we might be able to arrange delivery  by land.