GBT is a visa specialist for the followig countries: Russia, China, India, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Belarus.

Global Business Travel can simplify your travel arrangements to Russia, China, India, Mongolia and CIS countries by making your application for the required Tourist, Business or Working visa.   


One of the most popular visa service is Russian Tourist Visa for single entry if you are a citizen of the EU, the UK and USA. 

The special pricing includes preparation of the required invitation letter to visit Russia, visa form completion, consular fee + VAT.

If you hold these passports, the GBT fee for the standard service of 6 working days is as follows:

EU passport - £100.80

British Passport - £140.40

US passport - £149.40

If you require our VIP Express Service of  2 working days because of a tight travel schedule the following fees would apply :

EU passport - £137.60

British Passport - £192.60

US passport - £227.60

 Attention EU passport holders living and applying from the United Kingdom. We would like to offer the following service for Russian visa: No finger prints and visa centre attendance required.  For price and conditions please contact us.

Additionally we offer multi-entry one year business visa and working visa to Russia. For more information please contact one of our agent.

Please note GBT provides visa service for any nationalities including applicants holding Travel Documents.


We look forward to making your arrangements for a pleasant travel experience to Russia, China, India, Mongolia and CIS countries.