Avia Courier

We are group of couriers based in the UK arranging Avia delivery to the EU, Russian and CIS cities just within several hours.


We are group of couriers based in the UK arranging avia delivery to the EU, UK, Turkish, UAE and CIS cities just within several hours.

       Our advantages: 

  • Secure and reliable delivery in hand luggage or suitcase, bag or box.
  • Exclusive goods delivery from Duty free
  • Your order covered by the airline insurance
  • Door to door or airport to airport services
  • Commercial goods delivery


Some goods are restricted and prohibited to be transported by air from and in the UK and we might be not able accept your order.

We accept the following goods for transportation:

  1. Documents (attorney, birth certificates, contracts, court orders) and other documentation.
  2. Personal belongings (Clothes, shoes, souvenirs, jewellery, gifts)
  3. Painting artworks
  4. Digital products (mobile phone, gadgets, lap-tops)
  5. Pets (cats and dogs only) – avia delivery out of the UK only.
  6. Medicine (tablets and remedies, liquids in very limit amount that have no restrictions in the UK and EU, Turkiye, UAE and CIS countries)
  7. Duty free goods (alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate, biscuits, souvenirs, jewellery)
  8. Auto car spare parts
  9. Commercial items: cost depends on value and country’s custom fee

Please note we do not accept aerosols, any type of food, more than two litre of alcohol or more than 200 cigarettes.

Our maximum baggage size restriction is 175 cm in total measure (height, length and width) If your luggage between 175 cm and 203 cm extra or more, fee applies from the airline for oversize luggage.

Airline weight allowance: maximum weight allowance is 20 kg per one bag/suitcase/box. If your baggage more than 20 kg the airline will charge extra fee.

Maximum weight allowance on any airline is 32kg per bag/suitcase/box

If you require to deliver other goods not listed above please contact our office we might be able arrange delivery by land.